Oscar Campos

Starting Brazilian jiu-jitsu at 43 years old

Tomorrow is my first day of Brazilian jiu-jitus. I have zero previous martial arts, boxing or wrestling training so I really have no idea what to expect. Thankfully I am not starting alone, both my son and one of my daughters are starting tomorrow.

I am nervous, but excited. Nervous because I haven't committed do a sport like this so I don't really know what I am getting my kids into. Excited because I feel like this is the start of something awesome.

What I really want from this is for myself and my kids to get the basics of BJJ down. To have a full set of tools for self defense. I hope that with the tools to protect themselves, it will also give them confidence. Confidence to stand up, help others, and to say what is right no matter the consequence.

Why BJJ? I've been a loyal listener to the Jocko & JRE podcast for several years now, and have been urged by both of them to learn BJJ and to have my kids learn it. I've been slacking in getting started, but I feel like now is a great time to get started. A great time because my kids are at the age when they may run into tougher situations in life. And I have to be really honest, my kids have a super easy sheltered life. We are blessed to have life where they are devoid of much conflict and confrontation, but I know that it an come at anytime. Also I think the they complain too much and what they complain are things that are easy, things that should annoy you and you move on. I figure that they haven't ever really had to do anything difficult in their lives, so this will help give them some perspective.

As for why for me? Well I want to learn better self defense, I want to be able to help my kids learn and practice what they learn. I don't want them to think of BJJ as some sort of punishment. I want BJJ to be a thing that we do, as a family. I too sit on my ass for to many hours a day, living a comfy life. I need a physical and mental challenge, I need to toughen up.

One rule I set from day one, is that no one is allowed to quit until they earn their blue belt. I figure that's good starting goal to set. Fingers crossed that we all love it and continue for many years to come.

I will continue to post as we go through our journey, so please follow along. Also I'd love to any advice and tips you have for me, for my kids, as a dad, as a n00b to BJJ, let's connect on Twitter. Have any resources that you think would help?