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Notes: Coaching Call

Notes 2020-04-03: Coaching Call

Coaching Call

I was asked last week to define responsible spontaneity looks, at the time I had no idea. My first thought was that spontaneous meant being irresponsible. So I could not understand how this idea could exist. I mulled it over the past to weeks go going as far as looking up the definition of both responsible and spontaneous.


(uncountable) The quality of being spontaneous. (biology) The tendency to undergo change, characteristic of both animal and vegetable organisms, and not restrained or checked by the environment. (biology) The tendency to activity of muscular tissue, including the voluntary muscles, when in a state of healthful vigour and refreshment.


The state of being responsible, accountable, or answerable. Responsibility is a heavy burden. A duty, obligation or liability for which someone is held accountable.

I came to the realization that it is possible for me to be spontaneous while still staying true to who I am.. why? Because one of my overarching traits is responsibility. Given that being responsible is one of my most domineering traits, I realized that being spontaneous would not be irresponsible, because of the person I am. Any spontaneity that happens would be within whom I am, therefore it would be responsible spontaneity. Needless to say the times that I have injected a little spontaneity into my life, I have felt great joy in the surprise and smiles it brings to those I love most.

Also we spoke about little a and big A, as in what's "Your agenda" vs "Your Agenda". For me agenda feels dirty, I prefer "framework". My framework is one of discipline, which I learned from my parents at a young age, then again from Jocko. His manta of Displine Equals Freedom has been proven true for me, over and over again. I am little rigorous in my schedule. Since we've been in lockdown (thanks COVID-19) I have been doing the following:

This daily discipline has provided me many freedoms. Freedom to relax, avoid media, spend time with my family and enjoy this time. It's this framework that gives me freedom and within the framework there is space within for spontaneity.

I was then asked to visualize what my framework looks like, I see a square frame with different sections. Some larger, some smaller and they shift based on my current priority. They are fluid in nature but some sections like: Family, Dad, Responsible, Positive always occupy more space.

I mentioned compass and was asked, where does my compass point? It always points North to self improvement. I work everyday to get better in every aspect of my life. Even a 1% change is a win in any department.

Feel --> Embrace --> Do

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