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Notes: 4 Levels of Reading, Seneca, Tribe of Mentors and Stoicism

4 Levels of Reading, Seneca, Tribe of Mentors and Stoicism

4 Levels of Reading

From the book titled "How to Read a Book"

Level 1: Elementary

Is slower reading, allow greater comprehension and synthesis. Similar to high school level reading.

Level 2: Inspectional

This is faster, higher level reading. It is not intended for comprehension, instead its meant to save you time. Speed reading is a type of Inspectional reading. Learn to stop sub-vocalizing, which is the act of saying the words in your mind that you are reading. This alone will help increase your WPM.

Level 3: Analytical

This is when you digest what you read. It's slower more methodical reading. It's when you feel like are are along for the ride. Contemplate the ideas that you are reading.

Level 4: Syn-Topical

This is multi-source reading on the same topic. This type of reading takes more time, but ultimately helps you create your own lasting frameworks. Think about the fact that you read 3 different opinions on one topic, from there you will then form your own opinion. This is a deeper level of reading since you have comprehended, analyzed, compared , and then synthesized it into your life. It helps you create a META level understanding. Read books that relate to each other and are of the same topic.

Seneca: How not to waste your life

we act like immortals in all we desire : he's talking about procrastination, "Oh I have until tomorrow"
we act like mortals in all that we fear : he's saying that we allow fear to stop us dead in our tracks from doing what we should

We should in fact flip these reactions, and act like mortals for what we desire do it now

Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss

Lessons in Stoicism

Did that make you feel better

How can I be ambitious and stoic at the same time

Quotes and Snippets that stuck with me today

"You don't need more time — just a little focused action" James Clear

"Give yourself some credit. Feel the power of that bigger picture. Know that you are engaged in a timeless process, one that the human species would not survive without. You are a father and that’s a good thing. Keep going." Ryan Holiday

Personal Notes

Enjoy these days with the family, they one day will come to an end. Take advantage of WFH, take walks, bike rides, play outside with the kids. Relish in the sunlight, work outside when possible. Reach out to family and friends, always. Not just now, always. Keep them in your thoughts and let them know you care.