Oscar Campos

Monday Morning Reflection on Wasting Time

It's Monday morning and I'm in a reflective mood. I have been thinking lately of the things that I do, read, and listen to that take up my time and that do not bring me joy. I am trying to focus my energy only on those things and people who matter.

What are things you waste your time on? Why do you waste your time on these things?

I have take a few steps to pair down what in consume. My Feedly and PocketCasts list have gotten shorter. I have removed feeds that I recognize only pitch consumerism. The sell you the latest and greatest but yet add zero actual value to my life.

What my Feedly feed looks like now

It will continue to evolve. If I find myself not reading content from certain sites, they will be removed. Leaving on those that spark joy.

What my PocketCasts feed looks like

Let's Continue the Conversation

I would love to hear what sort of things you have recently removed from your life that didn't bring you joy. Let's continue this conversation on twitter using the hashtag #WastedTimeOn.

Happy Monday!