Oscar Campos

Our 3 youngest kids, ready for their first day of the 2019 school year

First Day of School for 2019

It's hard to believe that our kids are now 21, 6, and 4. It's August 15th, 2019 and the first day of the school year is here for our littles. Our oldest daughter is going to start her 4th year in college, omg I am old! Our son is going to start 1st grade and the twins, they are entering T.K. It's a day that we have been working towards as family.

My wife and I, both work with our kids to ensure they are well adapted kids, who treat others fairly but are also just. We let them know that if someone isn't nice to you, you do not have to be in the company. Speak up and stand up for yourself.

To all my kids,

Soak it up. Learn about everything, but not only from your teachers, and the books you read, but from your friends. Learn to be a good friend, be compassionate. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Learn to read body language and listen twice as much as you speak. Learn to how to learn.Don't ever forget, I love you.

~ Dad