I am your everyday dad, with a career in Software Development and a passion for photography. I was born to Mexican immigrant parents who have worked their fingers to the bone so that we would have a better life than they did. I love God, my family, my friends, developing, photography, baseball and traditions. I am an ever changing person who learns, absorbs and adapts.

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My love affair with film, thanks Find In A Box

I’ve always had a love affair with film. It started back when I was in high school, back in the day 1993-1997, and I had decided to join the Yearbook class for an easy “A”. I was assigned to photograph sports, primarily soccer. Our teacher taught us how to roll our own film canisters, which […]

Reflecting on August

I can’t believe that we are already in the month of September! August began with us in Hawaii, then Lake Tahoe and it ended with our oldest starting college. College, wow. It is hard to fathom how quickly the last 18 years have passed, let alone this one. I am thankful for my wonderful family, […]

Slow Carb Tip: Quick Breakfast

One of the most important and basic rules in 4 Hour Body is that one should eat 30 grams of protein within the first hour of waking up. I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to scarf down 30 grams of protein at 5am on work days. Now on the weekend when […]